Along with learning the fundamental movement skills such as balance, stability, locomotion and gross motor skills, the additional benefits for children to participate regularly in a movement program are the stimulation and development of self-regulation and of working memory.

Both self-regulation and working memory are important skills for children to learn in the early years. Children who lack these skills are more likely to experience social, cognitive and emotional challenges when attending kindergarten, pre-school and primary school. Also self-regulation is the best predictor for future success as measured by research based on health, wealth and criminal offence statistics.

Self-regulation is the ability to regulate emotions and to control attention and impulses. Children are especially receptive to the development of self-regulation between the ages of three and six. By participating in a physical education program such as MoovKids, children’s self-regulation skills will be developed. For example, when they follow instructions for a physical challenge they have to think before they act and control their impulses in order to achieve the task. At the same time they need to remember the instructions so they also practice and develop both their attention and working memory. In addition they will need to wait for their turn, which develops patience and is an important social skill.

In today’s school environment children are expected to follow rules and instructions and to work both independently and in groups on multi-disciplinary projects using IT. They might be in a class where there are pupils with special educational needs and behaviour challenges. In order to learn in such a diverse environment a student’s ability to self-regulate is a decisive factor in learning potential.

Taking part in the MoovKids activity program will have a positive impact on a child’s self-regulation, working-memory and social skills and therefore prepare the whole child — brain, body, emotions — for kindergarten, primary school and later education.

Therese Dahl
B.A. Psychomotor Therapy
M.A. Educational Psychology

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