Level-Defining Assessment
Good planning and understanding leads to successful teaching.

Privacy Issues

Q.  Will any information on this site be used for data collection?
A.  No! Your information is not being stored for this purpose.

Q.  Do I have to put the children’s full name for the program to function correctly?
A.  No you can put just the children’s First name and Initial of the last name if there are two with the same name.

Q.  Do I have to put each child’s month and year of birth?
A.  No, giving this information is optional and to do so is for your own record and reference if needed.

Q.  Who can see the information I put in about my children?
A.  The admin person of your organisation and admin personal of MoovKids only can see this information. This private information is treated with respect and not distributed elsewhere.


Adding Groups & Children

Q.  Do I have to create a group to use the program?
A.  To use the program to the fullest, a group name and participating children should be added. This will enable you to keep track of all activities taught, the date, teaching level and who was absent for that activity.

Q.  Do I have to add my children names to the group?
A.  No you do not have to add their names, however if there are no names you then cannot say who is absent or be able to make notes pertaining to a child’s progress. You will also be unable to use the digital assessment tool.

Q.  Can I have more than one group?
A.  Yes you can have more than one group. Once created, the group you wish to work with can be defined on your MoovBoard.

Q.  If I want to teach a mixed group of children from different classes how do I keep track of their progress?
A.  You can group your children as you wish, just give them a group name and add the children to the group. The group can then be edited at any time.

Equipment Questions

Q.  What if I do not have enough equipment for each child to have their own?
A.  You then need to have one group active and the other seated in a safe place to wait for their turn. The waiting children can stretch or hold a body shape.If you have two adults, you can teach different activities and change over.

Q.  Does it matter of the hoops are of a different size to what is suggested?
A.  If the activity requires the hoops to be on the floor, the hoop size can then be different but if the hoop needs to be actively used, the hoop should be between 60 and 65cm in diameter.

Q.  What can be used in place of beanbags?
A.  Small ziplock packets filled with safe content such as beads or beans can be a good alternative. Be sure the bags are sealed well and taped and only used under supervision.

Q.  I do not have any mats, what can I use instead?
A.  A sleeping mattresses covered with a towel or blanket can be used for the basic tumbling activities or for landing on but be sure it will not slip when jumped on. An adult can hold it in place if needed. For basic roll overs, a soft carpet can be used for children who are able to safely do the roll themselves.

Q.  How much of the needed equipment should I order?
A.  The equipment is affordable, so if possible purchase enough balls, beanbags, ropes and hoops for each child to have their own. The more turns a child has the more they will benefit.

Teaching of the Activities

Q.  How do I know what teaching level to use?
A.  We highly recommend you do the level defining assessment to help define your children’s level of ability. If in doubt start with he beginner level and advance the teaching as needed using the given guidelines.

Q.  How accurate is the given time allocation for each activity?
A.  The time taken to teach an activity will depend on the level of ability, how many adults are teaching and whether the children need to take turns doing the activity. The given times are calculated on the basic of one adult to 6 children with each child having their own apparatus.

Q.  Is it ok to teach a group of mixed ages?
A.  It is more challenging to teach a group of mixed ages and ability level. Different teaching levels and approach will be required. If possible, group children of similar ability level together.

Q. How do I support children to do roll overs?
A. Please watch the video for “Basic Forward Roll to Tuck, hand positions for supporting can be seen there. Specific support instruction videos will be added soon.

Q.  If I personally cannot demonstrate an activity, how do I show the children what to do?
A.  The activity video can be shown to the children and important teaching aspects such as hand or foot placement, directions, and other key points can be pointed out to the children. You can then select a child to demonstrate and you can correct as needed as an example demonstration.

Questions About the Lessons

Q.  Do the lessons need to be taught in numerical order?
A.  No you can randomly select lessons to teach. Your lessons progress can be clearly seen on your MoovBoard and on the Curriculum page.

Q.  Do all the activities in a lesson have to be taught in one go?
A.  You can either select preferred activities if you feel time is limited or teach the activities throughout the day. For example one in morning circle, two in the playground, two in the afternoon, etcetera.

Q.  Is it bad to teach activities from different lessons?
A.  It is important young children experience a wide range of movement, the more variety the better. But be sure you teach activities from all six of the skill focuses.



Questions About the Activities

Q.  How do I search for specific activities pertaining to equipment or skill focus?
A.  On the activities page, click on “Filter” in the right corner, click on the selected field and and then select what you are looking for from the given list and the activities will then be displayed.

Q.  Why is there a heart under each activity?
A.  If the children really enjoy a particular activity, you can click on the heart and this will be saved under “Favourite Activities” on your MoovBoard. They are then easy to find and access to teach again.

Q.  How many times can I repeat the teaching of an activity?
A.  As many times as you like. The information pertaining to that activity each time you teach it, such as the teaching level, who was absent and any notes made will always be visible for you to refer to and improve on.

Q. If I only get half way through teaching an activity should I still submit the information?
A. Yes you should. When you go to teach the activity again you can then be reminded of the teaching level, who was absent and can read any notes you may have made about the activity.

Group Size, Ages and Abilities

Q.  What size group is best for teaching movement?
A.  Six children to one adult is ideal but this is often not possible. If your group is between 8 and 12 children, it is best to have another adult assist.

Q. Is the MoovKids program limited to children three to seven children years?
A. Many of the activities are suitable for children up to ten years of age. Refer to the advanced teaching level with older children.

Q.  Do I have to use the given suggestions for each ability level?
A.  The suggestions are there to advise on how you can platform the activity and to help you decrease or increase the difficulty level to ensure your children can achieve the activity and then be challenged further.

Q.  Can the activities be done with just one child?
A.  If you are able to do some activities with the child then most of the activities can be done with one child.

Special Needs

Q.  What age of special needs can use the MoovKids program?
A.  No matter the age of your special needs child, the majority of the activities are suitable for various levels of ability. Guidelines are given in the activity search filter for special needs.

Q.  Can special needs adults use this program?
A.  The program has been piloted and found to be very suitable for special need adults.

Q. Are any of the MoovKids activties appropriate for wheelchair bound children or adults?
A great number of the activities can be done by a person in a seated position. Please click in the Special Needs box in the activties filter and look for Seated/Wheelchair.

Q.  If I have one special needs child can their progress be tracked and shown on the MoovBoard?
A.  Yes, as long as you mark the activities as complete you will be able to see your progress in all areas.


Q.  I have almost no space to teach movement in our kindergarten, what do you suggest?
A.  Almost all of the activities can be done outside in a courtyard or playground. Also try searching for “Extra Small Space” activities using the activity filter on the activities page.

Q.  Should the person teaching movement have sporting experience to be able to do successfully teach the activities?
A.  No experience is essential, the activity videos, instructions and teaching guidelines should aptly prepare anyone to successfully teach the activities.

Q.  Does it matter if the person who teaches the movement sessions changes every week?
A.  Is advisable to have the same person teaching a group each week. This enables the adult to become familiar with each child’s level of ability, the children will become familiar with one teaching style and consistency and familiarity results in more progress.

Q.  Can children hurt themselves doing any of the activities?
A.  The activities themselves are not dangerous but it is important to be sure waiting children are at a safe distance away from any equipment being thrown or where they may be bumped into. Please read all safety precautions when preparing to teach.