Participate in movement
Participating in movement activities with your preschoolers adds to the fun and sets a great example!

Educators get tired, too. Teaching children, no matter their age, is hard work and takes a great deal of physical and emotional energy.

Here are four excellent and convincing reasons why you should also join in doing the movement activities when implementing them with your children.

Movement improves one’s mood and frame of mind.

This is true for both children and adults. Focusing on movement — especially when doing fun activities — helps our worries disappear and allows us to be happy in the moment. Our emotional well-being immediately improves, no matter our age. Plus, moving with your preschoolers provides an opportunity for you to boost your energy level and de-stress at the same time!

Participating in the activities sets a great example.

If you are actively demonstrating and participating in a movement class, the children will always be more eager to participate. You are also positively modeling the importance daily exercise for everyone, which includes you!

Children have their eyes on you to observe and imitate the movements you are teaching. They also model your attitude and enthusiasm and willingness to try.

This is a great time to reinforce important health concepts such as how moving is important for getting oxygen to the brain and for making the bones strong.

You can partner with a child that needs extra help.

If you are doing a partner activity and you have an odd number of children, include yourself to even out the number.

Place yourself and your partner in the center of the row of pairs in order to continue visually and verbally guiding the children.

In this situation you could chose a child who may need extra support and thank them generously for being your partner without drawing attention to the real reason for your choice.

Easily give clear visual and verbal instructions.

By doing different activities yourself, you experience how it feels to do the activity from the child’s point of view.

You can give realistic instructions and accurate verbal guidance, as well as get a feel for the level of difficulty of the activity.

You can adjust speed, distances, repetitions all based on the skill level of the children and from observing how they follow you.


Actively participating in movement activities with your children will have a positive outcome for you all!

Don’t hesitate to plan a few activities and have the intention that you will also join in the fun and do some exercise yourself.

The more you physically participate, the more benefits there are for both you and the children in your care.

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