Darlene explaining the value of using simple equipment

Beanbags (Required)

Suggested size: 10 x 15 cm  /  4 x 6  inches.
The use of different colors makes learning the activities more fun. Preferably use bean bags that are not too full and made with a cotton fabric. 

Balls (Required)

Suggested size: 15 to 25cm  /  6 to 10 inches in diameter.
If purchasing your own ball, pumped bouncy balls are the best option. Be sure the balls are pumped hard at all times to get maximum use out of them.

Hoops (Required)

Suggested size: 60 to 80 cm  /  24 to 30 inches in diameter.
This size hoop is more manageable for young children. Warning: Do not allow the children to sit on or squash the hoop. It will crack and break or will lose its shape.

Ropes (Required)

Suggested length: 200 to 220 cm / 78 to 86 inches.
A length of cotton or nylon rope with no handles and knotted at the ends will accommodate all the MoovKids activities. 
Warning: Do not use a rope with handles for activities where the rope is laid on the floor.

Place Markers (Recommended)

Easily recognizable place markers help a child to find their place during an activity.
Different colors or pictures on the markers help the children to differentiate one place from the next. Shapes cut from rubber, pieces of carpet and floor cushions are all suitable for this purpose. Warning: It is important to have non-slip place markers.

Cones or Markers  (Recommended)

These can be of varying size or color and are used to indicate a point to which the children must travel during an activity. They are also used as obstacles that the children may need to move around or over. Cones can also be used as an alternative to place markers if needed. A child can sit behind or next to their own cone or marker. They can also be used to section off a teaching area. 

Music  (Recommended)

Having access to a music system, preferably with a remote to pause the music, engages children and enhances activities in a positive developmental way. Use child-appropriate music that has a good beat. A whistle or a drum can be used as an alternative for activities where the children need a signal to stop. 

The MoovKids Kit (Parent/Child)

1 MoovKids Gym Bag
1 Blow-up Ball
1 Bean Bag
1 Collapsible Hoop
1 Rope

For Educators

Equipment Sets of Six:
6 Inflatable Balls  
6 Beanbags
6 Hoops 
6 Ropes