Benefits of Movement for Children

Develops physical self-confidence
Improves balance
Develops spatial and body awareness
Builds stamina and muscle strength
Improves mood and sleeping habits
Supports focus and concentration
Builds foundation for complex movement
Nurtures academic development.

Early Childhood Educators

Save time with ready-to-use resources.
Teach purposefully with clear objectives.
Add variety with simple, low-cost equipment.
Improve teaching skills with clear guidance for diverse levels.
Engage children with hundreds of inspiring ideas.
Have fun teaching skills with games, challenges and activities.
Fulfil all curricula goals with complete lesson plans.

After-School Clubs

Fun activities engage and ignite enthusiasm.
Children enjoy coming to after care.
Movement increases focus and concentration.
Regular movement improves behaviour.
Children develop lifelong habits for exercise.
Hundreds of ideas for beneficial games and challenges.


Ready-to-use curriculum adaptable for different ages.
Fundamental movement skills support academic learning.
Instructional video resource for parents and children.
Clear objectives and benefits for each activity.
Activities for different size spaces & environments.
The required equipment is affordable and durable.

Sports Teachers & Coaches

Integrate activities with teaching a sport.
Confidence is developed during childhood.
Games and challenges make learning sport skills fun.
Fun activities ignite enthusiasm.
Physical competence builds personal motivation.
Opportunities for teamwork develop a sense of belonging.
Learning to respect others is part of sportsmanship.