We have already noticed a great change in our children's gross motor abilities.
A very important part of Early Childhood Education is to give children the opportunity to practice physical activities to promote their gross motor skills. Although we make a great effort to support this area, our kindergarten has limited space. Going to Moovkids has been so easy. Darlene has created a friendly atmosphere where children immediately feel inspired and are always eager to do the wide variety of MoovKids activities that she has planned. Darlene has endless ideas, fun tools and a gift to work with little children.

The children’s confidence in their abilities reflects in other areas as well, especially the social and cognitive areas, not to mention that our children continue practicing English while exercising with her.

We, both staff and parents, are very happy with the results.

Thank you Darlene!

Happy Toddlers English Language Kindergarten
Espoo, Finland
The children have benefitted immensely from more movement activities.
Moovkids is a fabulous programme for children of all abilities. The lesson plans are clear, well thought through and easy to follow.

Darlene has created a series of videos alongside so that even the most nervous or inexperienced teacher can feel confident that they can successfully implement the programme. Her attention to detail reveals a passion for movement that shines through.

Our teachers have loved the ease of using the programme, and the children have benefitted immensely from more movement activities.

I highly recommend this programme.

Angie Hämäläinen, Finnish-American Kindergarten
Helsinki, Finland
The program is well structured so it's easy to get inspired and implement the activities.
There are many children who struggle with the acquisition of fundamental motor skills. I love the Moovkids program because it is an effective tool for developing and practicing these skills.

I love the fact that there are videos for each activity, which makes it fun and interactive. The program is well structured so it's easy to get inspired and implement the activities. There are very clear descriptions and steps to follow making it user-friendly.

Darlene has put a lot of thought and expertise into designing this impactful program. I would highly recommend it to everyone who has kids or works with kids to incorporate the much-needed motor activity into their daily lives.

Liesbeth Krebbers
Paediatric Physiotherapist, Hong Kong
Darlene, you are a ball of glowing movement inspiration.
I enjoyed the workshop a lot. Darlene, you are a ball of glowing movement inspiration and you created a great program! :) We have started implementing the curriculum already. It looks really nice.

Eugenia Soland, Director
Montessori Infant Community, Helsinki, Finland
We have found a significant improvement in the focus areas.
We taught MoovKids for a two-month pilot with our Reception Year groups—four- and five-year-olds. Both my colleague and I found your videos, tutorials and lesson plans very useful and adapted them slightly for a class of 30. For example, we would have four teams completing an aim-and-throw activity at the same time.

We have found a significant improvement in the focus areas. All of our children have now developed a secure understanding of spatial awareness and can balance on one leg without falling.

Our predominant focus has been aiming and throwing and we have been developing the skills based on your lessons.

On our first session only seven children could aim and throw into a hoop, compared with 26 children after two months. Also, only ten children could catch a beanbag the first session compared with 21 at the end.

Thank you for providing us with access to your lesson plans.

D.S. Primary School
The activities using hoops, ropes, balls and beanbags improve balance, hand-eye coordination and motor skills.
Our group enjoyed participating in movement sessions where they did a wide variety of MoovKids activities. They were eager and motivated to actively participate in the activities.

The activities using hoops, ropes, balls and beanbags improve their balance, hand-eye coordination and motor skills. The directions given are clear and easy to follow. The participants are able to do the activities at their own pace and ability level.

We are very pleased with the MoovKids program and highly recommend it to customers with special needs!

Eteva, Daytime Activity Instructors
Espoo, Finland
Children are more active, improve their coordination skills and seem happier.
It's a very well designed program, easy to understand even for non-English speakers. My teachers only speak Spanish and they are able to follow the instructions and do the activities successfully. The kids enjoy it and it has contributed to their well being.

Kelly Dayanna Puentes
Director, Jardín Infantil Bilingüe Finlandia, Colombia
We definitely recommend schools and parents to try MoovKids. You will see how important the changes are and will love it.
Children in our kindergarten, with the implementation of Moovkids activities, were able to move and develop their skills each and every day, no matter what the weather was.

One particular case that really impressed me: A child of 2 years was too well-protected in the family and always came to school in a stroller. But after ten weeks, his skills were really improved and he loved to move so much he refused to use the stroller that mom and grandma offered.

Que-Dung PHAN
Head of R&D, Tan Thoi Dai Education, Viet Nam
The program has all the right activities, but in a fun way!
”It is all there.”

"It made our lives so much easier.

”Meets the needs of all ages and abilities.”

“There is no ready material like this for movement and the videos make it easy to follow and teach.”

“Not every teacher is qualified, so this kind of program makes the planning easier for everyone.”

“Makes planning gym lessons very easy.”

”Very simple and easy to use.”

“If we could have a year to implement MoovKids then we know the movement goals are met.”

City of Helsinki Teachers
EdTech Test Bed Pilot with MoovBasic
I had the great pleasure to meet Darlene during a workshop in the kindergarten where I work.
Darlene created an amazing programme about children and movement for educators. During the workshop we had a demonstration with a range of different activities that we can do daily to get children moving, coordinated and, best of all, happy. She is so passionate and she inspired me a lot!

Montessori Infant Community, Helsinki, Finland