Ready-to-use physical education curriculum created in Finland.
Designed for ages 3 to 8.

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Resources, inspiration and support for kindergartens, primary-grade educators, after-school centres & coaches.

Darlene Koskinen, creator of MoovKids
35 years experience, 3rd Dan black belt karate instructor
Gymnastics instructor, Professional trainer for educators


  • Short & fun instructional activity videos
  • Ready-to-use lesson plans
  • Teacher enrichment resources
  • Supports all ECEC curricula guidelines
  • Games, challenges and skill-based activities
  • English-language learning through movement
  • Coordination exercises for teaching sports
Sample activity video for teachers
Sample activity video for children

Early-years educators face the challenge of choosing age- and skill-appropriate activities. MoovKids supports teaching in a fun, effective way that keeps children engaged, focused and learning.

Use the skill-focused lesson plans or select activities of your choice. Clear guidance and inspiration will inspire you to teach physical education with purpose.

“We wanted to bring physical education to our weekly program.”

Ioanna Mafteiu, Activity Aftercare, Timisoara, Romania

It is crucial for us to remember that it is movement that develops the brain in the first years of life. Exposure to a wide variety of movement experiences in the early years enhances the capacity, structure and function of the brain.

Happy MoovKids Members

“MoovKids is an amazing program for kids of all ages! Not only does it help to foster physical education, it is also a great tool for parents to help their little ones with all sorts of movement. It is fun. It is simple to follow. It comes with instructions and I can most certainly recommend it highly!”

Lucia, Parent

"Inactivity in children has been a growing problem in recent years. It is a trigger for the emergence of future health problems. How do we get kids moving again?

I love the Moovkids program because it is an effective tool for developing and practicing the fundamental movement skills. I would highly recommend it to everyone who has kids or works with kids to incorporate the much-needed motor activity into their daily lives."

Liesbeth Krebbers, Paediatric Physiotherapist
Hong Kong

"We have been attending MoovKids more than five years and our children love it. The MoovKids program has a wide variety of activities and tools that make movement much more interesting and fun for children. Darlene has developed a through curriculum that our teachers are using for physical education. It is easy to use and very well arranged. We definitely recommend that families and daycares join this great program."

Leonardo Cedillo Berber, Director
Happy Toddlers Daycare, Finland