Be coordinated. Be confident.
Be strong. MoovKids
MoovKids is a unique on-line activity video resource offering structured lesson plans that focus on the physical development of young children and those with special needs.
Partnering with educators & parents
MoovKids Exposure to movement in the early years has a lifetime impact. Allow MoovKids to inspire you to help your children become coordinated, confident & strong!
Best of all
MoovKids is suitable for special needs! Both special needs adults and children can benefit from the wide variety of movement activities. By using MoovKids teachers, parents and carers can teach the activities with ease and success.

Hi, I'm Darlene Koskinen.
My deepest passion is to teach meaningful movement to early learners and to those who have learning difficulties and challenges. I am eager to share with you my tried and trusted teaching methods gained from 30 years of experience: a multitude of activities, games and challenges that are effective for the development of the fundamental movement skills. I can support you to teach with MoovKids in a fun and captivating way that will have your children eager to move every day! Movement is at the core of all learning and I am honoured to have the opportunity to help you in this crucial area of your children's development.

Kindergartens & Schools

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Parents & Individuals

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MoovKids is for
daycare centres or kindergartens, sports clubs, after school programs, home school educators, special needs, childcare providers, parents, fitness centres and curriculum planners.

MoovKids offers

Structured twenty-lesson curriculum
Activity video library with search feature
Short instructional videos with adult and child voiceovers
Comprehensive written instructions
Level-appropriate teaching suggestions
Special needs teaching adaptations
Activity saving features
Create your own lesson plan
Dashboard to monitor teaching progress
Guidance to inspire purposeful teaching
Activities adhering to six skill focuses

Early exposure to movement results in healthier bodies and minds

  • Prepares the brain for academic learning
  • Improves coordination and body awareness
  • Enhances cardiovascular capacity
  • Prevents obesity and laziness
  • Keeps mood swings in check
  • Strengthens muscles and increases bone density
  • Boosts energy levels and focus
  • Improves physical self confidence
  • Gives a sense of accomplishment
  • Improves social and communication skills
  • Prepares children for more complex physical activity

MoovKids for educators

Research is proving that children in the early years need to move more.
MoovKids makes this possible!

  • Access to numerous activities that require minimal space
  • Activities can be implemented in different settings
  • Progressive skill complexity allows for continuous progress
  • Search features to easily find specific activities
  • Short instructional videos results in minimal planning
  • Comprehensive guidance to educate and inspire you
  • Child-focused voiceovers to inspire your children to move
  • All activities support the basic fundamental movement skills
  • The program follows the Finnish early-years curriculum

MoovKids for special needs

  • Suitable for both children and adults with special needs
  • Teaching modifications are provided for all suitable activities
  • The activities can be done anywhere and any time
  • Instructional videos enables easy teaching of the activities
  • A search feature enables specific developmental teaching
  • Many activities are suitable for wheel chair bound or immobile
  • Overcoming physical challenges results in a feeling of accomplishment
  • Movement is the solution for children with ADHD, or who are anxious
  • Consistent attention to skill focused movement improves brain functions
  • The activities are suitable for all,  regardless of age or ability

What you need to teach the MoovKids activities

  • A subscription to the MoovKids program
  • A device with which to view the program
  • MoovKids equipment: beanbags, balls, hoops and a ropes
  • Optional extras: Placement mats, cones, mats, music system
  • Determination to implement movement regularly
  • Energy and enthusiasm to make movement fun!